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New survey reveals the difficulty industry workers face when simply replacing their boots
Published:  09 November, 2017

New research commissioned by Dr. Martens, in collaboration with On The Tools, has revealed the stress that UK trade workers face when breaking in new work boots; a fundamental piece of kit for the industrial workforce. According to the study, 63% claim it can take up to one week for work boots to be properly broken in and ready to use, resulting in extremely painful and potentially dangerous consequences.

Worryingly, the research also discovered long breaking in periods impacted how often workers replaced their boots, with over 40% admitting they were put off from buying new boots due to the initial discomfort.

With work boots being one of the most essential pieces of safety equipment to industrial workers, the research reveals how manufacturers aren’t factoring in the urgency of ‘ready to wear’ boots, meaning their customers must endure a week’s worth of discomfort, and may consequently be at risk.

Demonstrating the need for change, Dr. Martens has cited other professions: how would an IT professional cope if it took their computer a week to start-up? Or, would an ambulance be allowed to take a week to arrive at a casualty?

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