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What is the government’s Clean Growth Strategy?

As part of its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a national scale, the Government has launched the Clean Growth Strategy – outlining its proposed approach to building a lower-carbon future for the UK.

Kanthal Award 2017

A climate protection organisation with a focus on travel, atmosfair, has received a donation of €5,000 from Sunfire after the latter company was appointed winner of the 2017 Kanthal Award.

Successful training workshop

ADVANCED VALVES SOLUTIONS (AVS) was established in 1998 to provide solutions to the Power Generation Industry when excessive wear, thermal cracking and stressing became a major problem – resulting in millions of pounds in lost revenue. AVS says it takes its industry knowledge and actively shares it with key customers and end users to create a detailed understanding of cause and effect in power generation.

Infra-red system saves energy

A custom-built, short-wave infra-red system from HERAEUS NOBLELIGHT is reported to be helping to save energy and allow faster production line speeds at the Cramlington manufacturing site of RENOLIT.

Efficiency in action

SEEPEX SAYS energy generation from the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge has reached 888 GWh, according to the 2016 Digest of UK Energy Statistics – an increase of over 25% since 2011. Yet over the same period the installed theoretical MWe capacity has grown by just9%. How has the energy generated increased so dramatically and is the trend for efficiency improvements set to continue?

Heat transfer system

Following a fault at a unit in American Pan UK’s original process line; solvent used for the cleaning process overheated and ignited, with the subsequent fire spreading throughout the facility. While initially devastating, it provided an opportunity for American Pan and RE Architects to completely re-think operations and re-design process lines.

Short cycle regeneration deionisers

VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES UK reports it has launched four new Rapide Strata short cycle regeneration deionisers, offering flow rates from 2.5 to 60 m3/hr and says the extended range provides users with greater choice around flow quantities and more compact solutions.

Radiant vs underfloor

NORTEK says there can be no doubt about it – radiant tube is the acknowledged leader when it comes to heating large multi-use sports hall, whichever way you look at it – comfort levels, economy, ease of maintenance, safety – overhead radiant systems are so far ahead of the competition that they can’t see it for dust and the company says why, then does anyone consider specifying underfloor heating for sports halls?

Higher flow rates

VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES reports it has released six new models in its SIRION Mega range of reverse osmosis systems. Developed for pure water production and water re-use applications for industrial markets, the extended range offers higher flow rates to meet the needs of companies with large purified water demands – from 5 to 139 m3/h – for use in boiler feeds, cooling water, re-use/recycling and other industrial processes.

Finalists selected

A prize of €5,000 is to be awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 4 as three companies pitch innovations in heating technology. For the third year running, the KANTHAL Award will be presented to recognise innovations that contribute to a more sustainable future, quality of life, energy efficiency, and which advance the field of heating technology.

Hidden business costs to be aware of when starting a venture

Underestimating the costs that a new business may absorb could lead to premature business failure. It’s important to plan for and understand exactly what it will take to be successful. Fortunately, being aware of these three hidden business costs should help get a venture started on the right step:

Metering pumps

There are reportedly only two common pump types that purport to guarantee a fixed delivery volume over time and against varying back pressures… reciprocating diaphragm pumps and plunger pumps.

New sales and marketing director

FORTIS BATTERY CARE reports it has appointed Leigh Mason to the position of sales and marketing director. Leigh joins Fortis directly from the Nilfisk Group where he held the position of sales director for 8 years.

Ten panel solar array

The installation of a ten panel Solar array featuring STOKVIS ENERGY SYSTEMS solar collectors, to serve existing facilities at Birmingham International Rail Station, is being assessed as a potential pilot for a wider roll out of renewable energy across the facilities operated by Network Rail and Virgin Trains nationally. The company says the project at Birmingham International was jointly commissioned by Network Rail and Virgin Trains, with renewables specialist ECO2SOLAR carrying out the installation of the Stokvis solar equipment.

Air Quality & Emissions event

AQE 2017 will take place in Telford 24th-25th May at a time when the health effects of air pollution are constantly in the headlines, and when the UK Government is due to consult on its latest plans to comply with air quality guidelines in towns and cities. Registration is now open (, with free entry to the Exhibition and Workshops, and a small charge for attending the Conferences.

Award prize donated

Rotary International recently received a check for $5,500.00 as a result of Proton Power Inc winning the 2016 Kanthal Award (Kanthal is part of SANDVIK GROUP). Proton Power won the award for its innovative technology, said to be ideal for green and clean energy applications for current and future generations.

Rethink Water

With ever increasing sustainability, regulatory and financial pressures, VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES says now is the time to Rethink Water with its help. The company says Circular Economy initiatives operated by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) have achieved water reductions in many industries so what more can be done in 2017? Veolia says rethinking water can open up a wide range of opportunities to manage water more efficiently, reduce consumption and save money via water reuse or reduced discharge costs.

Pumps reduce operating costs

Thames Water, a water and sewage treatment company, providing wastewater services to 15 million customers says SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps (PCPs) have delivered process improvements at the Reading STW by replacing piston pumps to reduce operating costs and onward sludge transport costs.

New product launch

JBC says there are exciting times ahead with its new product launch. The company says ‘HALO’ uses cutting edge technology to create a remote boilerhouse monitoring system, using analogue, digital and mod bus outputs, providing a critical overview into asset performance and fuel, water, steam and power are monitored in real time, delivering consumption and cost per Kg of steam raised.

AQE agenda announced

The organisers of AQE 2017, the international Air Quality and Emissions Show (Telford, UK, 24-25th May) have published the programme for Day 2. Developed with IAPSC, there will be three sessions covering: pervasive air quality monitoring; vehicle emissions monitoring and data management; and local air quality management and policy.

Reduce down-time and energy use

RITTAL says running manufacturing automation systems at high temperatures will have a major negative impact on the system’s performance and reduce its service life and by not keeping their drives at or close to their optimum operating temperature, manufacturers risk huge consequential costs when the production line grinds to a halt as a result of system failure.

Pumps provide solution

Around 80% of sewer blockages are said to be caused by non-flushable items such as wet-wipes. The costs associated with clearing these blockages are high with one region alone, North West Water, estimating the costs at around £10m per year. Through experiences with a number of water companies, P&M PUMPS, UK distributor for Vaughan Chopper Pumps, says it has succeeded in providing a solution by replacing failing submersible pumps. For example, at Anglian Water’s pumping station in Cambourne two Vaughan 30kW / 1460rpm SE6W chopper pumps were specified to handle flows up to 400m3/hr at heads of 17.8.

Boiler tube cleaning

WOOD WASTE TECHNOLOGY says Putzmaus is a precision-engineered tube-cleaning system that has been designed to increase boiler efficiency and reduce fuel-consumption, saving money on both energy and repair costs, whilst also saving time on routine-maintenance.

New environmental monitoring system

ROTRONIC has developed its new Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS). The advanced monitoring system checks, documents and visualises all required measurements in one system. The data can be retrieved from anywhere, at any time by PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. The system offers high performance, flexibility and versatility and is easy to set up and operate.

More energy work

HART DOOR SYSTEMS reports it is supplying a wide range of sophisticated industrial doors across two waste to energy sites. At the new Hull Energy Works, which will be capable of processing 250,000 tonnes of waste a year producing enough renewable energy to power 43,000 homes,

VOC emissions analysers

SK Elektronik (SKE) has announced it has appointed QUANTITECH as its exclusive UK distributor. SKE is a leading global manufacturer of FID gas analysers. Key monitoring applications include emissions, process gas, abatement efficiency and emissions from wastewater treatment.

Major events unite at WWEM 2016

WWEM 2016 = 8 Conferences + 80 Workshops + >140 Exhibitors. Visitors will come to Telford 2nd-3rd November to learn about the latest developments in regulations, technologies, methods and standards in lab, process and environmental monitoring.

Advanced pipe cover protection

ELFAB reports it has designed pipe covers to protect pipework from environmental ingress. With over 80 years’ experience within the pressure management industry, Elfab says it recognises the increased need for accessories to protect safety critical applications.

The system on show

RITTAL reports it will be showcasing some of its leading enclosure technologies at Drives and Controls 2016. Rittal says visitors to its stand D230 will be able to view its innovative modular enclosures, power distribution, and climate control systems, commonly specified as the number 1 choice for protecting critical equipment and says of particular note will be the presence of the new, award- winning Blue e+ climate control system which was launched last year to great acclaim thanks to its outstanding energy savings and flexibility.

Precision power awareness

CURTIS INSTRUMENTS says choosing the right charger is critical for maintaining a healthy battery and a fully operational forklift and it is important the battery has enough charge at the start of each shift.

Reduction in energy use

Atlantic Heat Treating says it contacted SANDVIK and raised concerns on the relatively short lifetime of existing SER radiant tubes in its gas fired Sunbeam furnace which was failing after 18 months of service.

Intelligent innovation

VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES reports it has launched a new generation of the highly successful Orion skid mounted pharmaceutical purified water packages. Orion is said to be fully compliant with FDA, cGMP and GAMP requirements and meets the water quality standards for USP and PhEur Purified Water and PhEur Highly Purified Water.

Energy efficiency in coolant delivery

WANNER INTERNATIONAL says that although positive displacement pumps are unquestionably more energy efficient than multistage centrifugal pumps, not all positive displacement pumps are equal in that respect.

Occupancy sensors

DIALIGHT, an expert in LED lighting technology for industrial applications, reports it has unveiled its new wireless occupancy sensor - a battery-powered plug-and-play sensor that speeds and simplifies installation to provide maximum lighting control flexibility and energy savings in industrial applications.

Reducing energy use

Running manufacturing automation systems at high temperatures can have a major negative impact on the system’s performance and reduce its service life.

Cooling and monitoring

RITTAL reports it has launched a new EC Speed Control, compatible with larger models from the TopTherm EC fan-and-filter unit range (uninstalled air throughputs between 180 m³/h and 900 m³/h).

Gas bill slashed

Greencore Food to Go says upgrading its domestic hot water system from two shell-and-tube calorifiers to a compact SPIRAX EasiHeat solution has enabled it to reduce its annual gas bill by £30,000.

VOCs – why speciate?

QUANTITECH says its stand at AQE 2015, the air quality and emissions show, will feature 3 different technologies for measuring individual organic compounds. VOCs mostly exist in mixtures so measurements can be misleading unless the individual compounds are speciated.

Water pollution management

HYDRO INTERNATIONAL reports it has launched a specialist service to help industrial and commercial sites avoid the devastating environmental and financial consequences of inadequate pollution spill containment.

Tube life extended

A Caribbean producer of furfural, an organic compound derived from agricultural byproducts, reports it has replaced the existing tube in its heat exchangers with hyper-duplex stainless steel by SANDVIK MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY, and as a result says its tube lifecycles have extended from two to 15 years, with a profound impact on material costs.

Expanded product range

WEGER AIR SOLUTIONS UK reports it has expanded its product range with the introduction of 5 models of heat pump to air heat recovery units. All of the units are ‘stand alone’ and only need electrical power, so are said to be ideal for applications where hot water, chilled water and gas are not available.

Pump range extended

The Finish Thompson ULTRAChem Series of ETFE lined centrifugal pumps has recently been extended with two new models which increase the maximum flow rates up to 160 m3 /hr and maximum differential heads to 67 metres.

Cautious welcome for ISO 14001

CEDREC reports it has given a cautious welcome to news that the revision to the ISO 14001 international standard has been approved for final draft status.

Process drying times cut

RMIG, a leading manufacturer of precision perforated products, reports it has launched an innovative range of drying screens in the UK. Bridge Slot screens are specially designed for use in drying and storing all sorts of solid materials, such as grains, herbs, and more recently wood-chip, which is now primarily used to fuel biomass boilers.

Revolutionary industrial lighting

The Goodlight GX1 LED High Bay is said to represent the latest in revolutionary industrial lighting. Integrating a Bridgelux Vero circular LED chip with a radial die pattern is said to result in unrivalled lumen density and beam control.

Healthy start for recycling unit

LEAFIELD ENVIRONMENTAL reports it has designed and custom-built a new, pedal operated recycling bin with an optional anti-microbial additive which complies with the strict cleanliness and infection control regulations of the health industry.

Pressurised deaerator system

SPIRAX SARCO has launched a pressurised deaerator system that is said to reduce the dissolved oxygen content of boiler feedwater to virtually nil without chemical treatment.

Revolutionising the retrofit market

Reportedly pioneering the use of MagLev fan technology with LED in a UK first, the new range of Goodlight G360 LED SON replacement lamps is said to set to shake up the retrofit SON market.

Save up to 90% on cooling costs

ECOCOOLING direct evaporative cooling can be used as an alternative to air conditioning in most industrial buildings or IT rooms reported to provide 90% energy savings at a fraction of the capital cost of a traditional air conditioning or ventilation system.

New range on offer

dpac UK Ltd reports it has reached an agreement to exclusively distribute Thermocold products to the UK and Ireland.